AirTrack – Gymnastics | AirTrack Blog

AirTrack – Gymnastics | AirTrack Blog

AirTrack – Gymnastics

This video showcases the many benefits including, but not limited to; easy on the body, lightweight and a wide versatility. Products such as our AirTrack and AirTrack Pro come in so many different sizes, so you can find the air track size that is best for you.

Gymnastic AirTrack Sizing

Finding the perfect size for your gymnast is incredibly important, you have to take into account the size of the athlete, the amount of room you have available and the level you want to practice at. A small gymnastic air track might be the better choice for at home training, while a large gymnastic air track would be best in a gym setting. For more information visit the AirTrack Size Comparison Blog.


The AirRoll is developed to help gymnasts learn a range of tricks from back handsprings to and back flips. More advanced gymnasts train their rebound and balance on the AirRoll’s as well giving a incredibly versatile product. Besides these training options for gymnasts, there are also a lot of activities for young children as well. The three available sizes are suitable for small, medium and large based on your gymnasts needs. Our AirRoll Stabilizer is also available that helps keep the AirRoll in place, allowing gymnasts to practice even more safely.


These patented portable sets are combinations of 3 small AirTrack P3 (0.3 m high) elements that can be used as standalone equipment or on top of an AirTrack. Stack 1, 2 or all 3 elements on top of an AirTrack for methodical training exercises, or use the complete set as a child friendly vault box! Using the new mounting kit, the AirBox (elements) can be firmly anchored to an AirTrack, AirFloor or any other object. An AirBox is a great alternative for a regular vault box or pegasus, using the AirBox, children will learn their skills faster, safer and with more fun!


The 10 cm thick AirFloor is our thinnest track. Its movability and stability make the AirFloor great for gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, senior gym and school sports. Softer on the body than foam, bouncier than a spring floor and highly versatile, the AirFloor offers a unique training experience. Connect multiple AirFloors to create one large surface, up to the size of a full competition floor. Our patented soft zip connection provides a seamless transition between the tracks. Adding Carpet Bonded Foam on top of these tracks transforms them into a portable, easy to set-up floor resembling the spring floor!

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