AirTrack vs. Trampoline – What’s the Difference for Tumbling? | AirTrack Blog

AirTrack vs. Trampoline – What’s the Difference for Tumbling? | AirTrack Blog

AirTrack vs. Trampoline for Tumbling

What is an AirTrack

The AirTrack is the original multifunctional inflatable mat for fun, sports and training. These are widely used in sports such as gymnastics and parkour. You can add air to make it more like a spring floor or take away air to provide a softer landing. Our mats have become a proprietary eponym, which means that due to the popularity of our products, many people generalize the term airtrack with other products similar to ours. The biggest difference between our mats and ones that are referred to as airtrack mats is that ours are of higher quality.  

Our production time is 6x longer than many of our competitors, this means we take the time to ensure you are getting the highest quality product. We provide something called a seam protector that increases the longevity of our mats. Overall, our mats are larger which gives you more cushion and more tumbling space. Everything we offer provides you the best and safest time.

Difference in Safety 

When choosing a product, safety is often one of the most important things to continue. Safety is one of the biggest differences between AirTrack and trampolines. According to HuffPost, the amount of trampoline related injuries between the years 2002 and 2011 were over 1 million. Out of those injuries 300,000 involved broken bones and 92.7% were in kids younger than 16. These injuries are often caused by fall height, springs and poor maintenance. The AirTrack is normally 4-8 inches off the floor, has no springs and is incredibly easy to maintain.  


In many sports such as parkour and gymnastics, the ability to control the amount of resistance the floor gives you is very helpful. You can start with less air when you are starting a trick to give you a softer landing, then as you gain more confidence in the trick, you can add more air, so it will end up being like a proper spring floor. With a trampoline you get one setting and you don’t have the ability to practice for a real competition or show. 

Overall Convenience 

When investing in something like an AirTrack or a trampoline, you want it to be worth every penny you pay. Trampolines have limited capabilities due to size and weight; you can use them in your backyard or at a trampoline park. An AirTrack is extremely portable, plus you have the ability to take creative liberties with it (i.e. waterslide or pool island). You can also bring it practically anywhere: to a friend’s house, park, beach, etc. You must also consider upkeep. A trampoline is not only time consuming to clean but also labor intensive and pricey to repair if components break. Cleaning and maintaining an AirTrack is as easy as quickly wiping down your mat with soapy water; if an accident happens and the AirTrack needs to be repaired, we have affordable repair kits that offer an easy and permanent solution. 

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