Attract more customers by adding an AirTrack to your gym! | AirTrack Blog

Attract more customers by adding an AirTrack to your gym! | AirTrack Blog

Best AirTrack for your gym

Are you looking to attract new customers, differentiate your facility, but not break the bank? Investing in an AirTrack offers your gym extreme adaptability and flexibility for your customer, facility, and service offerings. An AirTrack opens the door to new tricks, activities, and programs. At AirTrack Factory US, we can offer you the BEST AirTrack for your gym. The only limitation is your imagination!

AirTracks are a cross-sport piece of equipment!
AirTracks have moved beyond traditional gymnastics and are now used in every sporting market: Dance, Parkour, Martial Arts, Cheer, and Cirque. By purchasing an AirTrack you open the doors to new program opportunities. Maybe you’re a gym wanting to ramp up your parkour classes or you’re a dance studio looking to expand your Acro program? The programmatic possibilities are endless with a guaranteed return on investment! An AirTrack will diversify your service offerings and fill your new classes with new students.

Add an AirTrack to your next birthday party!
Most gymnastics and cheerleading facilities host birthday parties as an additional program offering. A fun activity for all ages, but desperately needing new inspiration. What if we told you, we could shake up your party offerings with an AirTrack?! This is the perfect opportunity to test an AirTrack and reinvigorate your party planning. Our AirTrack Factory Gym-Take-Over program offers an opportunity for gyms to experience what AirTracks can do for their facilities and their customers.

Use AirTracks for Mobile Marketing!
Finding new and exciting ways to attract students and increase enrollment can be challenging. Investing in an AirTrack gives you the opportunity to safely bring your gym to the community. Head to your local community festival or give your audience a performance on the beach! Show your community firsthand the value and excitement of gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, tricking, etc. AirTracks are the perfect partner for mobile programs and Set-Up/Tear Down Gyms. Explore new setups and imagine new possibilities while keeping your students safe while they train. All products are airtight, light-weight and of the highest quality!

With 35 years of experience producing inflatable mats, AirTrack Factory US is the leading manufacturer of AirProducts. We’re more than an equipment supplier, we’re on the forefront of inflatable innovation designing equipment that progresses your athletes, inspires your coaches, and supports your business. We can offer you the BEST AirTrack for your gym!

Let us help you bring versatility to your business and growth to your customer base. Purchase your AirTrack today!

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