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Gym Mats for Kids | AirTrack Blog

Full of energy and forever looking for new ways to play, kids are big fans of our products here at AirTrack. That’s because we carry an extensive selection of safe, high-quality children’s gymnastics mats great for the home or the gym. Not sure which one to choose? We’re here to help.

Types of Home Gymnastics Equipment for Kids

When it comes to children’s gymnastics mats, there is no better choice than a tumbling mats. Big, bouncy, and cushioned to help kids land safely, tumbling mats are ideal for fun and serious training alike. On this page, we provide quick overviews for all of our children’s gym mats to help you make the best choice for your space and your growing athletes.

Inflatable Tumbling Mats

For kids, a lot of acrobatics take place in the home. No one knows this better than our team here at AirTrack, which is why we’ve developed an entire line of kids gym mats and tumbling solutions designed for use in the home. Made from durable, double-wall fabric with airtight, hand-glued seams, our reinforced mats are ready to take a beating and keep on bouncing. Spare your furniture and keep your aspiring athletes safe with industry-leading, inflatable home gymnastics equipment for kids from our team here at AirTrack.


Gymnastics Airfloor
Our thinnest inflatable gym mat for kids and adults, the AirTrack is available in several width and length configurations to accommodate routines for gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, general fitness, and school sports. Both bouncy and soft, it offers a unique training experience.


AirTrack Pro

Home AirFloor

Bring the gym to your home with our Home AirTrack Pro: a smaller, lighter, and more affordable version of our original AirFloor inflatable tumbling mat. Available in two lengths and two colors, this mat is shaped to help kids, teens, or adults perform a small section of a tumbling pass. It’s a great choice for gymnastics practice or at home acrobatics in the backyard.


AirTrack™ P2.

Airtrack P2

Shaped like a traditional tumble mat, the AirTrack™ P2 is 8 inches thick and ideal for gymnasts learning passes, cheerleaders learning flip routines, or other acrobatic athletes performing lengthy maneuvers. It’s available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate any space.


AirTrack™ P3.

Airtrack P3

Also shaped like a traditional tumble mat, the AirTrack™ P3 is 12 inches thick — making it a great choice for acrobatic athletes who want to add a little more bounce and cushion to their routines. Like the Air AirTrack™ P2, the AirTrack™ P3 is available in several sizes to suit your gym or home’s needs.




There is nothing more fun for kids than learning new tricks. However, when aerial acrobatics go haywire, kids need a wide, cushioned place to land. That’s the purpose of AirTrick: one of our largest inflatable mats with enough rebound to rival real spring floors and enough absorbency to cushion any fall.


Folding Gymnastics Mats for Kids

foldedtumblingmatInflatables aside, there are a number of traditional tumbling mats for kids used in both gyms and homes. Though heavier and not as bouncy as inflatable options, these mats can be a good choice for anyone looking to improve safety for their kids.

One of the most popular types of traditional tumbling mats is the folding gymnastics mat. Filled with foam and lined with vinyl or rubber, folding gymnastics mats feature small foamless gaps every few feet. This allows them to be folded up for easier storage. These mats are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.


Incline Cheese Wedge Tumbling Mat for Children

A great obstacle for kids who want to get a bit of speed (or air), an incline cheese wedge tumbling mat is a large, three dimensional ramp. (Imagine a wedge of cheese big enough to support several people!) Available in both inflatable and foam-filled options, incline cheese wedge tumbling mats are great for generating speed in small areas or entertaining younger kids with slope-related activities.

Here at AirTrack, we are proud to offer the AirRamp incline cheese wedge tumbling mat. Ideal for competition practice, the sloped AirRamp allows users to generate enough speed with just two steps to practice `air` exercises — all while saving joints from undue stress.

Roll Out Mat

Moving on to another type of traditional gymnastics mat, the roll out mat has a design similar to that of the folding gymnastics mat. Like they’re folding cousins, roll out mats have several foamless gaps — only these gaps occur more frequently, and all one side. This allows the mat to be easily rolled out by a single person and rolled up into a log shape at the end of an activity. When rolled out, these mats display no crevices, giving gymnasts a totally smooth surface to work with.

Octagonal Tumbling Mat for Children

Octagonal Tumbling MatGreat for stretching, form practice, and aerial maneuvers, octagonal tumbling are more obstacles than mats. Available in both inflatable and foam-filled options, these gym essentials are three-dimensional cylinders with octagonal cross sections. This means that they have eight sides, rather than one curved one. (This can add some stability, which can be a plus for younger kids.)

While octagonal mats do add some stability, many families and gym owners prefer cylindrical rolls, which are easier to move. Here at AirTrack, our AirRolls make lightweight and sturdy obstacles for athletes of all sizes and skill levels. A drill station and source of bouncing, balancing fun, our AirRolls make a versatile addition to any gym or home setup. Great for station-based activities or add-ons to larger setups, these rolls are available in small, medium, and large setups to suit any athlete.


Get Your Young Gymnast on Track with AirTrack

Passion for athletics has no age limit. For high-achieving children, exercise mat products can’t compromise. Designed for competitive settings or at-home practice areas, AirTrack products are excellent solutions for kids who are growing by leaps and bounds every day. If you’re looking for an uncompromising gymnastic mat for kids, you’ll find it here at AirTrack.

Need more help finding the right gymnastics or acrobatics solution for your children? Children’s gym mats today are a dime a dozen — and your kids deserve solutions that stand out. Contact our team here at AirTrack for experienced buying assistance and information on our industry-leading children’s gymnastics mats.

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