How Parkour Training Can Save Your Life | AirTrack Blog

How Parkour Training Can Save Your Life | AirTrack Blog

How Parkour Training Can Save Your Life

Parkour training is a healthy activity people participate in as a recreational sport. Don’t consider parkour as just another sport, though! This activity could bring about many benefits – especially fit for those who enjoy spending time outdoors!

I need to warn you… Parkour training is an incredibly intense workout! It is definitely a good way to sweat and burn calories but it is not for everyone.

But is it more than just a workout? Is parkour training a valuable survival skill…Or just another fad?  Read on to find out:

Parkour Training: Should You Practice Parkour?

The word parkour originated from the French phrase “parcours du combattant” which is an obstacle course-based method of training used by the French military. Although parkour is known as a recreational sport today, it is actually a tactical skill used to make and keep French soldiers fit and strong. Parkour training is fun and also a great exercise as it includes running, jumping, and climbing. It is a challenge that requires you to push you to your limits both physically and mentally.


1. Good Way To Sweat

Parkour requires strength and agility, so first, you need to condition your body and submit yourself in regular gym sessions. It’s important to strengthen your muscles before beginning this type of physical activity. It is said that when you exercise, your body releases happy hormones called endorphins. Once your body has already adapted to strenuous activities, you can then start your parkour training.


2. Inner Zen

Parkour isn’t all just jumping on one building to another. It makes you aware of your surroundings and you will have a better understanding of how things work just by looking at them from a distance. You need to have a clear mind in order to jump the highest, it’s basically finding peace from yourself and your surroundings.

Being able to take a few breaths before doing the activity makes you focused, which is very important in parkour training. People who have anxiety can benefit from parkour training since it makes you divert all the negative thoughts into successfully practicing parkour.


3. Fight or Flight

How much force or energy will you need to get to a desired destination? Parkour requires mental calculation before deciding to take a leap.

In case of being cornered by one or two persons in a dark alley while going home, you will immediately think of routes and ways to get away from them. Parkour training can also be a form of self-defense.


4. Adrenaline Rush

Saying parkour is for adrenaline junkies is true, but parkour training can also help you channel your adrenaline and make use of it properly. For instance, if you suddenly wake up because your house is burning, your instinct is to jump to the nearest exit. Because you are properly trained, you won’t have to worry or doubt yourself in making the jump.


5. Parkour Is Fun

In parkour training, the universe is your playground. It’s fun to find creative ways in maneuvering your surroundings, it makes you explore and it challenges your mind like a child on the playground. Build your parkour skills alongside others who enjoy making the most of their time outdoors!


Watch this video to learn the 5 beginner parkour moves to jumpstart your parkour training:

Parkour has become incredibly popular on TV and in movies, but is it for you?  While it may be tempting to hop in and get started, you must remember, proper training is essential to avoid injury.  So if  training in parkour sounds like a skill you’d like to add to your collection.  Please seek out a professional before before attempting any of these moves.


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