Parkour Training To Go: Punch Fronts, Standing Backs and Dive Rolls on the Road

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Parkour Training To Go: Punch Fronts, Standing Backs and Dive Rolls on the Road



Parkour Equipment

One of the best things about parkour is making the world you playground. However, when you’re new to the sport, it can be a bit daunting to try these tricks without any support or safety gear. Luckily, recent innovations in parkour equipment industry are bringing the support and security of the parkour gym into your hands. The Home Training AirFloor is a great example; this transportable mat rolls up for easy packing. Here’s few clever ideas for you training on the road.


Park Bench Punch Fronts

When learning the Punch Front flip, it’s handy to start the move on an elevated surface, about one to two feet off the ground. As you get stronger and more compact with your flips, you’ll be able to start at a level surface. But while you’re in training, bring your AirFloor out to the park on a nice day and get creative with the park benches or other small retaining walls. The mat is there to soften the blow as you land or move into a roll. A key is to keep your upper body straight, while tucking and curling in your legs as you move through the air.

Parkour Equipment

Dive Rolls on the Driveway

The Dive Roll is an advanced parkour move that combines a dive with the parkour rollout. It’s essential to have mastered the shoulder rollout or another safe rollout before learning the Dive Roll. Once you’re ready to give it a try, all you need is a flat landing surface. Driveways are great option because you’ll avoid and large rocks or bumps during your landing. Experiment with different ways of placing your hand on the ground when you are transitioning from dive to roll. Some prefer a diamond shape between the hands, while others prefer positioning the hand onto its pinky-side to better position the shoulder to move into the roll. Whatever you choose, make sure to have the right parkour equipment to help minimize injury and impact.


Lunch Break Standing Backs

Who doesn’t love a little parkour in the afternoon? Wake up your lunch routine and get in mid-day training, wherever you are. Take out the AirFloor on any flat surface- a hallway, parking lot, or patch of level grass will do- and work on this challenging parkour flip. The Standing Back is a backflip, performed from a standing position on hard ground. The key is to keep your head straight and your legs curled. The right parkour equipment will provide a soft landing place as you continue to develop confidence and strength in this challenging trick.


The right parkour equipment is essential for anyone committed to learning tricks like Punch Fronts, Standing Backs, or Dive Rolls. A good mat will allow you to repeat the moves more frequently, and with less of a chance of injury. Since the AirFloor is even portable, it’s hard to find an excuse to practice anywhere. Whether you’re new to the parkour world, or a seasoned pro, you’ll find a million different ways to use the versatile parkour equipment that’s available in today’s market.

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