Demo AirBoard


$285.00 $225.00


Demo mats may be returned, repaired, previously shown at trade-shows or lent out for demonstrations.  All mats have been inspected and past quality expectations including inflating for multiple hours with minimum air pressure retention.  Demo mats carry no manufacturer warranty. Please call to have any and all questions answered.

New Moveable Springboard!

This AirBoard is the replacement of the old fashioned springboard. This light weight AirProduct can be used in many different ways! Using the foot pump, you can inflate it anytime, anywhere. Use it in your gym, your garden, at the beach or in the water; the AirBoard is a guaranteed success.


  • It is part of the AirTrack Training Set
  • Very lightweight springboard!
  • The AirBoard fits in any backpack, allowing you to easily take it anywhere
  • The AirBoard is inflated within 1 minute!
  • After inflation, the AirTrack will maintain its pressure for hours, refill only takes seconds