The crosstrack is a combination of 1 long and 2 short AirTracks P3 or P2. The AirTracks are connected in a cross shape using the TrackConnect.


  • Can be made with the 20cm AirTrack as well as the 30 cm AirTracks
  • Especially designed for shows
  • Tailor-made sizes possible
  • Because of the light-weight products and short setup times, the CrossTrack is very suitable for touring shows.
  • The Velcro strips allow you to create a cross shape anywhere on the long AirTrack
  • The long AirTrack can be used as a standalone.
  • The short Airtracks can be used as a standalone
  • The short Airtracks can be made into an AirTrick
  • The CrossTrack can be placed on any floor.
  • The required blower is very light
  • Inflation and deflation is done within 6 minutes
  • No noise during performances because continuous inflation is not required
  • After inflation, the CrossTrack will maintain its pressure for hours, refill only takes seconds.