Temporary Hospital Shelter



Trustworthy Shelter Solution for Emergency Situations

AirTrackUS as a manufacturer of premier inflatable training equipment has the ability to produce temporary inflatable hospital shelters. We have a unique skill set and we want to use it to help.

The resistance and robust construction of the ATF Inflatable shelters ensure an efficient use on any kind of land. All Shelters can be carried by hand to the place of use.

Thanks to their modular design, the ATF shelter can be connected to each other in any direction (gable doors and side doors). The tent is made of durable, fire and UV resistant PVC coated fabric (military grade 22 oz/sqyd), using HF welding to construct the cover and floor into one enclosure

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  • US Based Company
  • Material and Manufacturing Experts
  • Trustworthy Design and Delivery


  • Robust quality control
  • Offices in the US for servicing
  • Brand of choice for top organizations: USAG, Varsity, Rebel, SkyZone, Disney, and more
  • Finance Options
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  • Bag
  • Electric Pump
  • AC / Heating Ports
  • Manual