parkour training

Using AirSpots for Fitness, Strength, and Condition in a Traditional Gym Setting

Guest blogger Dan Palacios Original Posting It isn’t often that great ideas are so easily implemented, coming together with the kind of synergy only seen in matters of fate. That’s exactly what happened when I stumbled upon the AirTrack Factory AirSpots. Mulling and musing over the ideas of gym layouts I always thought to include…

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Parkour Vault Tricks on the Classic Block

Parkour Vault Tricks   “What I’m interested in is what the guy’s got in his head, if he has self-confidence, if he masters the technique, if he has understood the principles of parkour.” David Belle, Parkour Pioneer   Mastering parkour is all about building strength, gaining confidence, and improving technique. Parkour vaults are essential, yet…

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Parkour Equipment

Parkour Training To Go: Punch Fronts, Standing Backs and Dive Rolls on the Road

    One of the best things about parkour is making the world you playground. However, when you’re new to the sport, it can be a bit daunting to try these tricks without any support or safety gear. Luckily, recent innovations in parkour equipment industry are bringing the support and security of the parkour gym…

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How Parkour Training Can Save Your Life

Parkour training is a healthy activity people participate in as a recreational sport. Don’t consider parkour as just another sport, though! This activity could bring about many benefits – especially fit for those who enjoy spending time outdoors! I need to warn you… Parkour training is an incredibly intense workout! It is definitely a good way to…

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