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  • This set of 4 tracks and an AirRoll provides you with unlimited training variations. Thanks to the compact sizes you can just pick your spot in the gym and start training! Sturdy Velcro holds the mats in place to prevent movement during training.

    The set works perfectly for all floor exercises and all tumbling passes. Stack the AirBoards and AirBlock using the Velcro connectors and create endless training variations. Use the AirBoard as a spring board and the AirRoll for balance exercises or learning flips.

    These soft, bouncy and close to the ground tracks make gym exercises fun and safe for kids. Exercises become more effective due to the individual pressure adjustments. Soft impact on the body, higher jumps and more fun!


  • Endless Training Possibilities
  • Light, Portable & Easy To Setup
  • Train Anywhere, even your home
  • Available in pink & blue


300 x 40cm $399
500 x 40cm $499


OV10 Blower (Required)


Manometer (Pressure Guage)


  • Train Safer

    Practicing sports on our AirTracks is more friendly for your body thanks to the soft impact! Our mats help by preventing injuries and preserving your body for bigger skills; more fun, less injuries!

    Train Anywhere

    Your gym is anywhere you are! AirTracks are portable and easy to fit in any car. Turn the local park, your school basketball court, your backyard or even your living room into an elite training facility and impress your audience!

    For Any Age Level

    AirTracks allow you to perform more exercises using less energy; more reps, more success! World-class athletes, school kids, local young talents and even the elderly train on our mats.


    All our products are airtight and therefore completely silent. This is a great advantage over older inflatable mats, which require continuous inflation with a loud blower. Personalize the pressure in seconds before each training with the help of the light-weight blower and manometer for optimal training conditions.

  • Easy To Combine

    Start off with a single AirTrack and easily expand your options by adding new mats. Combine two mats in width, length and height for endless possibilities with our Track-Connect


    From Gymnastics to Parkour, from Kung-Fu class to physiotherapy; our mats are a great basis for a wide variety of sports and training methods.

    Quick & Easy Setup

    Inflation only takes between 10 seconds and 5 minutes, depending on the size of the mat. AirTracks are light-weight and easy to set-up and reposition. Using one of our trolleys, even the largest AirTracks are easy to move around and never take more than 1 pallet place in storage.

    World Leading Quality

    We maintain our high standards due to 30 years of craftsmanship and by using the best materials. Our products must pass an extensive quality control which includes a 16-hour pressure test and all have an unique production number.

    We back all our mats with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.


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