AirTakeoff Inflatable Vault Boxes


Great for schools or Rec Programs New setup allows for vault and flipping setup without the need of a mini-tramp. The number of possibilities this bundle gets you makes it perfect for set up tear down programs or programs with limited equipment.


  • Manual

Basic set (26 ft AirTrack™ P3 + AirRoll TakeOff)

The AirTrack™ TakeOff Set is a combination of the new AirRoll TakeOff (patent pending) and a 26 ft AirTrack™ P3. Offering a higher bounce and reducing the chance of injuries, the AirRoll TakeOff makes for a safe and fun alternative to the springboard and mini-tramp.

Plus set (Basic set + AirBox)

Bring vault exercises back to life by replacing your old, wooden vault box with an AirBox (patented). The AirBox consists of 3 identical mats that can be stacked with Velcro connections or used as standalone parts.

Complete set (Basic set + Plus set + AirIncline)

The whole team can train at once using the Complete set, which includes a Basic set, a Plus set and an AirIncline! Use the AirIncline as a slope to gain momentum in your rolls and flips.

Width 6.5 ft or 9.2 ft

All items are available in 6.5 ft or 9.2 ft width. Using extra wide 9.2 ft mats will allow double lines of users simultaneously!

  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Robust quality control
  • Offices in the US for servicing
  • Brand of choice for top organizations: USAG, Varsity, Rebel, SkyZone, Disney, and more

User Manual

Service Manual

This inflatable vaulting box is perfect for parkour, gymnastics and all kinds of other activities!


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