AirTrack P2 Air Mat for Tumbling


Save $200 when purchased together! You need them both, why not purchase them together and save. Landing mats match perfectly the height of the 8” AirTrack™ P2 for flush transitions and dismounts.



  • Manual
  • Crash Mat – SC-8 5ft x 10ft – Retail $ 660 – $ 560
  • Plus an additional $ 100 off your choice of AirTrack™ P2 size!
  • Start your tumbling training today!
  • Best in class tumbling mat + Best in class landing pad
  • Tumble longer, connect more skills
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Robust quality control
  • Offices in the US for servicing
  • Brand of choice for top organizations: USAG, Varsity, Rebel, SkyZone, Disney, and more

User Manual

Service Manual

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