Home Gymnastics Equipment

Home Gymnastics Equipment

gymnastics equipment to use at home
For athletes of all ages, fun and fitness don’t have to stop outside of the gym. With gymnastics equipment for home use, movements can be safely practiced in the yard, garage, or even in your living room. Plus, you don’t have to be an athlete to take advantage of gymnastics home equipment. It’s a great training tool for cheerleaders, martial artists, dancers, and parkour athletes, too.

What to Consider When Shopping for Home Gymnastics Equipment

For families and athletes with tight schedules, gymnastics home equipment can be a huge time-saver, not to mention a customizable solution for advanced practice, and hours of daily fun for athletes of all skill levels. Below, we cover the many benefits of gymnastics equipment for home use, factors to consider when choosing your equipment, and why our products at AirTrack are your best training tool for your home, gym, or anywhere you choose to take your athletics.

Mat Quality

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While today’s top home gymnastics equipment is as good as anything found in professional gyms, there are also low-quality products to beware of. Often, you get what you pay for. While the cheaper mat or obstacle may seem like an attractive offer, it also may be more likely to tear, lose shape, or break altogether after relatively light use. Reading customer reviews is one great way to check if the affordable option you’re considering is really up to your standards. The safety of your children and athletes should never be compromised by a low-quality mat.

Mat Thickness and Firmness

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A mat’s thickness and firmness will influence how an athlete interacts with it. Firmer mats tend to provide more of a rebound, while softer mats provide more cushion. In both cases, thickness will increase the amount of rebound or cushion depending on whether a mat is firm or soft.

Unlike a traditional foam mat, having the option to alter the pressure in an inflatable mat makes an AirTrack the best option for home gymnastics equipment. Inflatable mats help protect athletes from injury by providing better shock absorption for landings. This means higher rebounds and more reps!

AirTrack Mat Dimensions

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AirTrack ModelAirTrack Size
AirTrack 33x3x4
AirTrack 103x10x4
AirTrack 133x13x4
AirTrack 16 3x16x4
AirTrack 16 Pro3x16x8
AirTrack 203x20x4
AirTrack 20 Pro3x20x8

Every home is different! Some properties can accommodate large equipment, others need small alternatives to make it work. When shopping for balance beams, obstacles, or a gymnastics mat for home use, be sure to check the dimensions before purchasing. You can also check to see if the manufacturer you’re considering has custom assembly options to fit your exact needs.

Another important factor when shopping for home gymnastics equipment, be sure to keep in mind the skill level of your athlete. Longer mats make it easier to incorporate multiple skills in a tumbling pass, ultimately better preparing your gymnast to nail their skills on the vault, beam, or floor exercise.


Types of Gymnastics Mats for Home Use

When searching for tumbling equipment for home use, you’ll be faced with a wide range of options. Among the many brands on the market today, few deliver the standard of quality, extensive product selection, and excellent customer support to match our team at AirTrack. Most importantly, our gymnastics mats for home and gym use are inflatable.

Your home is the place for training, not competition. For this reason, you may choose to invest in gymnastics equipment that prioritizes safety and learning over the exact simulation of competitive settings. For those who want the best of both worlds, inflatable equipment is an excellent choice.

Inflatable mats, beams, ramps, and launch boards all deliver impressive rebound while helping cushion impact on landing. Plus, they’re ultra-lightweight, making them easy to move around. When you’re all done, let the air out and store your inflatable equipment on a shelf or other small space. One of the greatest benefits of the AirTrack is that it will allow your gymnast to grow along with this amazing piece of training equipment.  You can customize the pressure of the AirTrack to allow for skill development and as your gymnast masters their skills, they can firm up the AirTrack to transition those skills to the competition floor.  Training and taking them as far as they can in their gymnastics career.  Another advantage is repetition and safety.  Perfecting skills and repeating tumbling passes is apart off gymnastics, tumbling on air reduces the strain on your gymnasts body allowing them to train safer and longer than an ordinary foam mat.

Home AirTrack

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Bring the gym to your home with our Home AirTrack Line: a smaller, lighter, and more affordable version of our original inflatable tumbling mat, the AirFloor. Available in five lengths and six different colors, the Home AirTrack is shaped to help kids, teens, or adults perform a small section of a tumbling pass. It’s a great choice for your next gymnastics practice or tricking session in the backyard. For increased rebound and next-level training, explore our wider, longer, and thicker inflatable mat, the Home AirTrack Pro.

AirTrack Training Set Pro for Home

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Create your own gymnastics course in seconds with a gymnastics set for home training featuring three AirTrack products: Home AirTrack 10 (3’ x 10’ x 4″), AirTrack 3 (3’ x 3’ x 4″), and the AirRoll (30″ x 48″). Our Training Set Pro also comes with a TrackConnect to connect your AirTracks together for safety and stability. This gymnastics set is perfect tumbling equipment for home athletes. With numerous pieces, there are unlimited possibilities for your next training session.  Stack them or connect them together depending on your workout goals and have fun while you do it!

Using the AirSpot at Home for Gymnastics 

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Give your kids a new favorite jumping spot — literally — with the compact and cushioned AirSpot. Sporting a circular shape and a thickness of 4 inches, 8 inches, or 12 inches depending on the size selected, the AirSpot works as an excellent spotter or portable platform for jumping, punching, stretching, or balancing. This mini inflatable trampoline is the perfect addition to your athlete’s home gym!

AirRolls for Home Gymnastic Practice 

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A drill station and source of endless bounce and fun, our AirRolls make a versatile addition to any at-home acrobat’s setup. Great for station-based activities or add-ons to larger setups, these rolls are available in small, medium, and large setups to suit any athlete and their needs.  Practice your back handsprings or back walk overs with ease or place a single leg up on the AirRoll to challenge your flexibility with over-spilts.  Master your handstand with the dynamic exercise of bouncing your legs off the Airroll up into handstand for max repetitions.

Gymnastic AirBeam for the Home

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Balance is crucial for athletes young and old across all sports. Build your family’s balance skills with the AirBeam: a cushioned balance beam that takes the hurt out of any balancing act. Just over a foot wide, it’s large enough to minimize rolled ankles—all while helping young gymnastics to hone their skills with a 4-inch wide and 2.5-millimeter thick center line that the feet can easily feel. The AirBeam comes in 2 different lengths, 10′ and 16′.  16′ is the regulation size of the competitive balance beam and will allow your gymnast to work on multiple skills or series in a row.

Gymnastic AirBoard Boost

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The AirBoard Boost is the replacement for the old-fashioned springboard. It’s light enough to be easily carried and set up by all ages! The AirBoard Boost is a sloped launch board designed to give users maximum lift. Ultra-thick and ultra-durable, it features two compartments that can be individually adjusted in pressure to accommodate young athletes of any size and skill level.


Build Your Home Gymnastics Track With AirTrack

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Where to buy gymnastics equipment for home training?

From outdated foam floors to foldable padded mats, gymnastics equipment for home training has evolved with the safety and training requirements of the athlete in mind. Here at AirTrack, we’ve been manufacturing airtight training inflatables for over 30 years. We’re more than an equipment supplier, we’re at the forefront of inflatable innovation designing equipment that progresses your athletes and revolutionizes sports training. For the best home gymnastics equipment, explore our site and start training on air today!

How to do gymnastics at home without equipment for beginners?

It’s never safe to practice advanced tumbling passes at home without the guidance of a trained professional and top-quality equipment to soften your landings. However, countless athletes train outside of the gym working to imrove their strength and technique from home. For beginners, doing simple repetitions of basic tumbling exercises and stretches will help your athlete progress faster. For extra safety, an inflatable mat like our Home AirTrack is highly recommended!

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