**PLEASE NOTE - Due to high demand, current delivery date for the AirBeam 5m in pink and blue is ~June 8th-June 12th as of 5/29. For more delivery information, please call 408-569-9504 or chat with us. **

Lower your fear barrier and the chance of injuries while practicing beam exercises at home, in your garden or gym! Thanks to the 10 cm wide and 2.5 mm thick center line, gymnasts feel the edge of the beam, enabling them to focus on their landings. The total width of the AirBeam is 40 cm, which is wide enough to land next to the beam without spraining an ankle.

*Footpump included


  • Feel the center line.
  • Gain confidence on the beam.
  • Train anywhere!
  • Inflates in minutes.
  • Fits under the bed or in a drawer.
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  • Manual
  • Footpump