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Safety is a priority embedded within our company culture. All our products conform to industry standards. As well as governing body guidelines where they exist. We have a robust quality control process, every mat is tested before heading out the door.

We have dedicated ourselves to being the worlds safety experts when it comes to air.

Sports are ever evolving – we evolve right with them. AirTracks™ have moved beyond traditional gymnastics and are now used in every sport market: Dance, Parkour, Martial Arts, Cheer, and Cirque. AirTrack™ has been on the forefront of inflatable innovation. Your input is valuable to us, so even if you just want to chat about your team or event, get in touch! We are sure we can learn from each other.

Airmats are not AirTracks! The gymnastics world, the performance world, the trampoline world all experienced the race to find poor quality cheap airmats and all ended up where they started – with the Official AirTrack manufacturer. Us. Save yourself lost time, money, and stress by trusting those that have a proven track record.

AirTrack™ has been the premier air-equipment provider globally since its foundation. This has led to a global distribution network that ensures you get the attention you need and more. Thousands of companies and clubs have trusted AirTrack™ before. Most recently AirTrack travelled with Live Nation’s Cheer Live Tour and Team Navarro. Find out why Disney, Cirque, Ringling Brothers, Woodward, and thousands of others trust us.

Your image is of uttermost importance to us. Our dedicated design team ensures your branding and print quality are flawless before shipping it to you. ALL of our equipment offers custom branding options so it will seamlessly fall into place in your club. We take your gym environment into our manufacturing planning.


Featured with Team Navarro
Live Nation’s Cheer Live Tour

The biggest names in the Cheer world trust and train with us.
There is a very real quality, craftsmanship, and service difference.



First introduced to Olympic gymnasts, then Professional Cirque performers, now available to Elite Cheer Teams.


Sports evolve, and we evolve with them. Our revolutionary Cheer Competition Floor is made by athletes, for atheletes.


Competitions are full of the unexpected. Easily clean and sanitize the Floors in a matter of seconds, so you can keep the competition going.

Made for Competitions

The AirTrack™ Competition Floor is designed with travel and competitions in mind. Easily set up and pack up the floor the same day.


2 year manufacturer warranty you won’t find anywhere. All Floors are triple quality checked by our Quality Team.

Made in USA

All Cheer Floors are handmade in San Diego, CA. Come visit our manufacturing center!


“This is the future of cheer.
I wish the AirTrack Competition Floor was around when I was competing”

– Tammy Van Vleet, Founder of the Spirit Network

Ready to join the future of cheer competition?

Reach out to our experts about a custom cheerfloor

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7698 Miramar Rd San Diego, CA 92126


Teams and Competitions across the country are moving towards the AirTrack Cheerfloor.
It’s as easy as ever to see it in person and have your team test it out.
We appreciate all the support we’ve attracted from top brands.


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