Why AirTrack Factory US™

The highest quality AirProducts in the world

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35 years of experience in producing
airtight inflatables

We maintain a close relationship with top athletes and associations across a wide range of sports around the world.
Together we have developed, adapted and fine-tuned our products to an optimal level.

An idea

Everything starts with an idea. Don’t leave it on a napkin, but pitch it to us and let us bring it to the next level!

The first sketches

Our R&D department will go straight to work. Your requirements will be turned into a well thought- out structure.


Next up is our design department who will make sure that the aesthetics will be flawless and that the object will fit right into the rest of your park.


With a perfect template, our production team starts building. With technical precision each part is carefully connected and the object is contructed.


All objects are triple quality checked by our Quality Team. These professionals intensively test each object.


Your object is delivered and ready for use! As we deliver almost all our equipment completely assembled, installation is a breeze!

“These products are the answer for the needs of young people
who want to safely exercise their skills”

– Jane Parvenpaa – CEO RS Parks

Aesthetically perfect.
Incredibly durable.

Our products are expertly crafted by hand with superior techniques and materials.

The highest quality is the core of our business

Our commitment to safety, creativity and technology resulted in solutions that have unparalleled longevity and aesthetics.

If you’ve got a renovation or new location planned, it’s worthwhile to see what we can do for you.
Our line-up of unique and proprietary attractions combined with the markets best post-sale service
and support has attracted the interest of the top brands.