10 Things to do on your AirTrack | AirTrack Blog

10 Things to do on your AirTrack | AirTrack Blog

The AirTrack is very versatile, a perfect outdoor gym mat, that you can get very creative with the uses of it. Here are 10 easy ideas to use your AirTrack with;


● Walk your legs up a wall until you are in a handstand position

The wall helps hold your balance while you build strength in your arms and find the correct form

Squeeze your muscles

Engaging glute and abdominal muscles help keep you balanced

Push through your arms

Pretend to push the floor away to lengthen your body

Keep your neck even

Don’t tuck your chin in

This will keep your body better inline


Start in a lunge and put your hands on the floor

Practice kicking your leg up from this position

When you are comfortable, kick your leg up and then push off your supporting leg

Do this a few time

When ready push off and try to get all the way around

Technique tips

Point your toes

Keep your legs straight

Stretching or yoga

Touch your toes

Start with your feet together and knees straight. Extend your arms and try to touch your toes to stretch your hamstrings.


Open your legs while on the floor, keep your knees straight, and gradually push your body down towards the ground.


Start in a lunge position and put your hands on the floor on each side of your foot. For a deeper stretch you can pull your knee back and then push your hips down.

Back extension roll

Put your hands to the sky

Go into a ball position

Put your hands by your head

Sit down

Push their legs off

Make sure their neck is tucked


While rolling extend your arms straight and push up into a handstand

Back Handspring


Fall into your backbend

Flip your legs over together

Do this a few times until you feel confident to do so

Back handspring

Place your feet next to each other firmly

Bend your knees

Launch yourself backwards into a backbend position

Flip your legs over

Back tuck 

To learn how to do a back tuck click here

Front tuck


To learn how to do a back tuck click here


Go into a handstand

Practice holding your handstand

Walk your hands in a circle while holding your handstand


With a running head start do a cartwheel and take your hands off the floor

Again run and do a cartwheel a slowly try to use your hands less and less until it is an ariel

Strength Training

Hold a plank

● To start, put your arms directly under your shoulders, hold your body perfectly straight (like a wood plank), squeeze your glutes, and hold.  It can be helpful to be on something cushioned like an AirTrack or yoga mat, to minimize the impact on your elbow and ankle joints.

Improves strength in;

Arms, core, and quads

Increases stability and balance

Helps posture

Improves flexibility in;

          ● Shoulders

          ● Feet

          ● Hamstrings

Wall sits

To do a proper wall sit start with your back flush to the wall, and position yourself like you are sitting in a chair. Your legs should be at a 90° angle. Hold this position without touching your legs for as long as you can.

Tones and strengthen muscles

Improves posture

Increases balance

Increases core muscles

These are only 10 things you can do on your AirTrack, there is so much else you can do just get creative and have fun!

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