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Finding the Right Parkour Shop Online

Finding the Right Parkour Shop Online From car batteries to fresh produce, it seems that everything is available on the web these days. However, as all smart consumers know, there are risks and benefits to internet shopping. When it comes to finding a parkour shop online, it’s important to take advantage of the benefits while… Read More

How to Select Good Parkour Gear

Since parkour was conceptualized as an outdoor sport, why is there a need for indoor parkour gear? Interestingly, some of the best parkour athletes are from colder climates and have been able to improve their skills by moving their practices indoors during the colder, wetter seasons. In many places around the world, ice, snow, and… Read More

Parkour Gear Stores & How to Find Good Ones

Parkour, the sport that has athletes running, jumping, vaulting, and flipping through the air, is increasingly popular in the United States. This national growth in popularity is driving a new demand for high-quality parkour gear stores. Since parkour is especially popular with kids and in places that are too cold to practice outdoors year-round, parkour… Read More

Parkour Vault Tricks on the Classic Block

Parkour Vault Tricks   “What I’m interested in is what the guy’s got in his head, if he has self-confidence, if he masters the technique, if he has understood the principles of parkour.” David Belle, Parkour Pioneer   Mastering parkour is all about building strength, gaining confidence, and improving technique. Parkour vaults are essential, yet… Read More

Wall Flips, Cat Leaps, Tic Tacs & Climb Ups on the Tower Wedge

Parkour 101 An energetic and challenging sport, Parkour has finally made its mark in United States, spurring the popularity of parkour gyms and parkour equipment sales around the country. New advancements in parkour equipment, like support wedges, blocks, and mats, are helping to make this sport more accessible to beginners. From wall flips to cat… Read More

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Parkour Tower Wedge

The Parkour Tower Wedge See a Demo of the Power Wedge in Use HERE   The Parkour Classic Block The Parkour Trapezoid Block   Check Out all Our Block at our Sister Site Parkour Factory. Parkour Factory Blocks