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AirTrack Size Comparison | AirTrack Blog

AirTrack Size Comparison

What is an AirTrack?

An AirTrack is a mat filled with air that provides a cushioned landing when learning, practicing and perfecting tricks. These mats are often used in sports such as; gymnastics, parkour, wrestling, tumbling, yoga and much more! These have become increasingly popular for at home practicing to ensure as much safety when doing any sport at home. 

Why get an AirTrack?

AirTracks have many uses for both at home and at gyms. The coolest thing about these mats is that they are easy to carry with our carrying bag and are super compact for storage. You can also easily change pressure for different levels of cushion and bounce. Overall, an AirTrack is extremely versatile and is a great addition to any sport practice. 

Why us?

Not all airtracks are created equally. We know there are many “airtracks” on the market, but we are the original AirTrack manufacturer. We also have a rigorous quality control team which ensures the highest quality mat is coming to you. On top of that our proprietary SportsDWF material is strong enough to lift a commercial jetliner and we are the brand of choice for top organizations: Red Bull, USAG, Varsity, Skyzone, Disney and more!

What size AirTrack is right for you?

One of the most common questions we get is what AirTrack size is best for me? With all of the AirTrack sizes it may be hard to decipher which mat would be best for you. Here we will go through an AirTrack sizing guide.  the differences in size and their best uses to help you choose the right size for you. 

AirTrack 10 

The AirTrack 10 is 3x10x4 which is perfect for practicing in smaller spaces. It offers a mat long enough for getting a trick in while compact enough for small backyards, gyms and studios. This mat weighs approximately 30lbs with the footpump and comes in a carrying bag for easy transit. This allows for easy travel so you can bring them to the gym everywhere!

AirTrack 13

Similarly to the AirTrack 10, the AirTrack 13 is perfect when training in small spaces, but this one adds an extra 3 feet of length for those who need that extra room. This AirTrack is 37lbs with the foot pump, which is still light and compact enough for almost all ages and sizes to carry with the carrying bag.

AirTrack 16

The AirTrack 16 measures 3x16x4 and is great in gym settings. It is on the larger side, but great for big backyards. This length allows for more tricks to be done in one pass or add a transition such as a roundoff before starting a pass. The weight of this mat is approximately 45lbs with the foot pump, which may take some extra strength but still light to carry around for almost all ages and sizes with a carrying bag. 

AirTrack 16 Pro

The AirTrack 16 Pro measures 3x16x8 and weighs approximately 78lbs with the electric pump. This mat works great in gyms or those who have access to large open areas. The AirTrack 16 Pro would fit best for a higher level gymnast who wants to be able to practice a pass with more than one trick or add a roundoff into it. 

What makes the Pro special compared to the regular AirTrack would be its thickness. The added depth of the mat allows for more of a bounce and cushion. This is especially helpful for those who are just starting to learn more difficult tricks such as front and back flips. 

AirTrack 20

The AirTrack 20 measures 3x20x4 and weighs approximately 55lbs with the foot pump. This may take assistance for some younger kids to carry but is still compact enough to fit into smaller spaces. This is the perfect length for higher level athletes who need the extra space for practice. This can fit two tricks for most athletes. 

AirTrack 20 Pro

The AirTrack 20 Pro measures 3x20x8 and weighs approximately 95lbs. The weight of this mat would be best for someone older to ensure no injuries when carrying or have someone help carry it. This length is perfect in gyms or studios for practicing harder tricks and passes. Similarly to the AirTrack 16 Pro, this is a perfect mat for higher level athletes who need the extra room. 

Exactly like the AirTrack 16 Pro, this mat has an extra thickness. The added depth makes the mat have more bounce and cushion. You can add or take away air as well depending on what needs you have. 



What size inflatable mat to get for gymnastics?

Gymnastics tends to have passes with more tricks, so a longer mat like the AirTrack 20 would most likely be the best fit. For many gymnasts, being able to practice more tricks is ideal. 

What is the best size AirTrack?

There is no “best size” AirTrack. There are AirTracks that are better for some rather than others. Here is a chart to get you started; 

AirTrack ModelAirTrack SizeBest Level GymnasticsBest Level CheerBest Age RangeHeight of Athlete
AirTrack 103x10x4BeginnerBeginner5-1034-50 inches

AirTrack 133x13x4

Beginner - Intermediate

Beginner - Intermediate

5-1034-55 inches

AirTrack 163x16x4



5-1055-64 inches

AirTrack 16 Pro3x16x8Intermediate



55-64 inches

AirTrack 20

Intermediate- Advanced

Intermediate- Advanced


AirTrack 20 Pro


Intermediate- Advanced

Intermediate- Advanced



*Every AirTrack is perfect for all ages and sizes*

How long of an AirTrack do I need?

The length of an AirTrack depends on how much room you have and how many tricks you want to be able to fit. 

– AirTrack 10

          – Approximately 1 trick no roundoff

– AirTrack 13

          – Approximately 1 trick and a roundoff

– AirTrack 16 and 16 Pro

          – Approximately 1-2 trick and a roundoff 

– AirTrack 20 and 20 Pro

          – Approximately 2-3 tricks and a roundoff 

Can you put an AirTrack on the grass?

Yes, you can put an AirTrack on grass. To ensure the most protection and longevity of the product it is highly suggested that you put a tarp down beforehand. 

What are the most popular AirTrack sizes?

Our most popular AirTrack sizes are the AirTrack 16 and the AirTrack 20 Pro. The AirTrack 16 works for many homes with large backyards and our customers love having the extra room to do their tricks and flips. Teh AirTrack 20 Pro tends to be most popular in the gym settings. It’s large enough to fit in a gym and acts like a spring floor for their athletes to practice on. 

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