Team Navarro, Live Nation, AirTrack Cheer Floor? The Scoop! | AirTrack Blog

Team Navarro, Live Nation, AirTrack Cheer Floor? The Scoop! | AirTrack Blog

AirTrack Cheer Floor

Team Navarro, Live Nation, AirTrack Cheer Floor? The Scoop!

Headlines are being made in the world of cheerleading as the athletes from Team Navarro featured in the hit Netflix docuseries “Cheer” are taking their stunts on the road in the monumental Cheer Live Tour.

“Without the restraints of score cards, judges and time limits, CHEER Live will transform the nail-biting sport of competitive cheerleading into a first-of-its-kind premiere athletic event staged with the epic production value of a live concert.”

First-of-its-kind performances require top-of-the-line equipment, cue the AirTrack Cheer Floor, the official performance floor for the Cheer Live Tour. Widely trusted and used in cirque and performance venues, the AirTrack™ Competition Floor has been adopted by the cheer community as the new gold standard for training and competitions. 

Where can you see the AirTrack Cheer Floor and Team Navarro?

Cheer Tour Live

Behind the scenes of the AirTrack Cheer Competition Floor 

As the officially recognized AirTrack™ manufacturer in the United States by the United States, there isn’t another licensed “AirTrack” on the market. You’ll find countless knockoffs with poor craftsmanship by companies who provide zero stateside support. AirTrack is the brand of choice for businesses that depend on reliability, longevity, and return on investment. 

The official AirTrack™ Competition Floor is a single panel inflatable mat expertly crafted by hand in the United States using durable double wall fabric and reinforced seams. The floor is easily rolled out and fully inflated in roughly 30 minutes using a double hose inflation system. Set up and pack up your Cheer Floor in the same day, saving you time and money on venue rentals, production crews, shipping costs, and more.

AirTrack Cheer Floor

Who uses the AirTrack Cheerfloor?

The Cheer Live Tour featuring 14-time national champion coach, Monica Aldama alongside cheer stars like Gabi Butler and Morgan Simianer from Netflix’s “Cheer” is just one of the many organizations making the transition from spring floors to the AirTrack Cheer Floor. 

Leading the charge as a true trailblazer, Tammy Van Vleet of The Spirit Network, has fully transitioned to using AirTrack™ Competition Floor for all of her competitions. With a growing number of supporters, the AirTrack Cheerfloor is here to stay.

Disney, Cirque, Ringling Brothers, Woodward, and thousands of others train and trust in AirTrack, the global leader and innovator in inflatable training equipment. 

Interested in learning more about our AirTrack Competition Floor, contact our Sales Team for a quote.

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Benefits of the AirTrack Competition Floor

Saving time and money is important for your business, but the real benefit of training on air serves athletes and their bodies. Unlike spring floors that shift over time, inflatable mats help protect athletes from injury by providing better shock absorption for landings. The AirTrack™ Cheer Floor is safer for athletes and their joints allowing athletes longer and healthier careers. 

It’s a fact that during competitions and classes athletes get sick or have accidents on the mat. The AirTrack Cheerfloor makes cleanup easy and more sanitary. A simple antibacterial wipe can disinfect your Cheer Floor so you get back to tumbling in no time. Unlike carpets that never fully feel clean, you can be confident you’re providing your athletes a safe and sanitary environment to train.

AirTrack Cheer Floor



Will the AirTrackCheer Floor pop during a competition?

Bobby pins and rhinestones will have no chance of breaking through the durable double wall fabric of the AirTrack Cheer Floor. 

Will the AirTrack™ Floor deflate during use?

Every AirTrack™ Competition Floor is provided a gauge that monitors the pressure throughout use. Your double hose inflation system will increase air flow if the gauge senses a loss of pressure.

Will athletes double bounce while tumbling next to each other?

You’ve seen the commercial of the smiling families jumping on a tempur-pedic bed next to a wine glass, AirTracks are similar to this experience. Athletes won’t be rebounded when performing next to teammates.

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