How to do a Handstand | AirTrack Blog

How to do a Handstand | AirTrack Blog


Today we will be going over how to do a handstand. A handstand will give you a great basis for almost all future gymnastic moves. 


•  To start you will need to be in a lunge position (front leg bent back leg straight) and arms up

•  Next you will do a t-lever

• As your arms go down your legs go up, continue to keep your body in a line 

•  Now using the t-lever motion, push off and kick your bottom leg up

•  Push up to a handstand 

•  Go back down passing through t-lever

how to do a handstand

•  End in beginning lunge

how to do a handstand

•  Continue Practicing until perfected


You must always keep in mind safety, a tumble track such as an AirTrack mat is perfect for practicing and learning handstands. You should always start with a spot (someone who can ensure safety) and practice. 


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