Parkour Gear Stores & How to Find Good Ones | AirTrack Blog

Parkour Gear Stores & How to Find Good Ones | AirTrack Blog

Parkour Gear StoresParkour, the sport that has athletes running, jumping, vaulting, and flipping through the air, is increasingly popular in the United States. This national growth in popularity is driving a new demand for high-quality parkour gear stores. Since parkour is especially popular with kids and in places that are too cold to practice outdoors year-round, parkour gear stores are cropping up to meet the need for indoor gyms. Practicing parkour indoors helps athletes learn correct techniques, build strength, reduce injury, and keep in shape during the wetter winter months. Parkour gear stores now also offer great equipment for kids who are interested in learning parkour but need a safe and supervised environment.

The Rise of Parkour – A look at why good parkour gear stores are in demand:

Social media: Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook allow people to share their hobbies, passion, and fitness practices to the masses. Given the dynamic and awe-inspiring nature of the sport, parkour videos often go viral and are re-posted across a range of social media feeds. This rich environment of online sharing has allowed both intermediate and beginner athletes alike to share their tricks, tips, and stories, spurring the parkour community to build and develop in recent years.


Fitness Education: Another factor in the rise of parkour is an increased interest in fitness in cultures all over the world. Now more than ever, the general population is taking an interest in fitness and exploring cutting-edge sports that are designed to get you sweating in new and engaging ways. In addition, new fitness apps and health tracking tools are helping the public be more thoughtful about how and when to exercise. Parkour has become an attractive option for those who are looking for new ways to build cardio, increase strength, balance, and endurance.


A Longing for Adventure: When so many of us spend our days at the computer screen, the need for adventure intensifies. Parkour allows athletes to soak up the fresh air, dynamic movements, and urban exploration that has become a luxury in our “9 to 5” culture. Parkour allows people to connect with their physical environment while building strength and confidence.


Accessibility: Parkour has increased in popularity because it has become more accessible. Parkour gear stores and gyms are popping up all over the country, exposing new audiences to the sport and providing a friendly and knowledgeable place to learn, practice tricks, and build strength in a safe environment. Parkour can be practiced alone or with others, and the increase in classes and available equipment has opened the sport to more ages, body types, and skill levels than ever.


How to Find a Good Parkour Gear Store

Now that you’re interested in starting your own parkour practice, it’s time to find a good parkour gear store. But where to start? Here’s a tip to make sure that you are buying from a reputable parkour gear supplier:

You can gauge a good parkour gear store by researching who their clients are. Buy from a parkour gear store that works with well-known gyms and athletes. You’ll want to order from a company that works directly with both manufacturers and gyms to ensure that they have the best understanding of their customer’s needs. If you find a company that works with professional athletes and performance groups, you can bet that you’re buying for a good parkour company.

Pay attention to their customer service. Since parkour gear can be expensive and technically complicated, it requires great customer service to ensure that the products are working as intended. Don’t be afraid to call a parkour gear company before ordering from them. Do they have knowledgeable staff on hand to answer your questions? Do their products come with at least a 2-year guarantee? Are they able to provide sizing and pressure guidelines that correlate to your needs? You’ll want to purchase from a supplier who is able to provide accessible, fast, and detailed answers to all of these questions.

Explore their product selection. If the company does not offer a range of sizes and pressure options for their parkour blocks, mats and towers, this could be a red flag. You’ll also want to make sure that they offer the right selection of accessories like pumps, rolls, and stabilizers. This will indicate that the company is able to provide a fully-customized setup and that it has a strong presence in and knowledge of the parkour world. A high-quality parkour equipment store should have a range of sizes of the basic products like mats, blocks, and wedges.

Be wary of prices that seem too good to be true. High-quality parkour equipment is worth splurging on. You should anticipate paying a few hundred or thousand dollars for your setup. Cheaper prices may be tempting, but the material, fabrication, and customer support will usually be lacking. Avoid the lower end products as they will ultimately degrade with use, and provide an unsafe practicing environment.  

Take a look at their blog and social media presence. Do they feature videos of their products in use? Do they promote the sport by showcasing talent in the parkour community? Notice if they sponsor events or professional athletes. Parkour is a community-oriented sport, so in order to get the best quality and information, buy from a parkour gear store that is involved in the scene. They’ll be offering products that reflect the true needs of parkour athletes. A good parkour company will have a blog or project page that features an awesome selection of different groups around the country that use their equipment. Choose a company that is powered by a passion for the sport, rather than solely by profit.  

Social media, a demand for new and engaging ways to get fit, and increased accessibility has allowed for parkour gear stores to pop up all around the country. If you’re thinking about purchasing parkour gear for your home or gym, do your homework and go with a company that has excellent customer service, a strong product guarantee, works with professional athletes and has a great social media presence. High-quality parkour equipment will help you practice moves indoors during the winter months, and also help you to build confidence and strength that will shine on your course once you hit the streets.

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