Stratosphere Adventure Park Installation | AirTrack Blog

Stratosphere Adventure Park Installation | AirTrack Blog

Stratosphere Adventure Park 

Glendale Arizona is home to the Stratosphere Adventure Park. Here TrueMovement Tech Designed and installed many products including one of our most popular products; the AirBag, Sport Court and Parkour AirBlocks. The Stratosphere Adventure Park is filled with fun activities from rock climbing to slides to sport court games. This park also has a very fun environment and aesthetic! 

Rock climbing Airbag

airtrack rock climbing setup

The rock climbing AirBag is a fun way to rock climb, where you are able to reach new heights without gear to hold you up. TrueMovement Tech has created a bag that structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. It not only fits your brand but extends and improves the facility environment you’ve worked so hard to create.

Battle Beam AirBag

airtrack battle beam airbag

With the battle beam AirBag you can fight without a worry of falling and hurting yourself. The AirBag can be personalized and is the perfect addition to your park. Our self-tightening system the tear-resistant pillow soft topsheets will stay in place after each jump. We even improved our wall structure to make sure the AirBag keep its shape and helps jumpers leave the AirBag with ease!

Parkour AirBlocks

parkour airblocks to get

Test your Parkour abilities by jumping over and around with Parkour AirBlocks. It’s a fun way to spice up regular trampolines at your park. Simply strap to your tramp frames to create unique parkour courses, obstacle courses, or racing lanes. 

Sport Court

airtrack sport court

Our Sport Court is the most versatile attraction on the market, from dodgeball, soccer, nerf shootouts, to basketball, the sport court offers a fun and safe floor for numerous sports. Set up as a multi-sport, multi-activity attraction, the AirTrack Arena is the ultimate bang for your buck.

Ninja Warrior Course AirBag

airtrack airbag ninja warrior course setup

Keep practicing your ninja warrior skills safely with an AirBag to break any potential fall underneath your course. Our impeccable print quality ensure that your AirBag will look its best for years to come. If the covers get dirty, they are machine washable or, in the worst case, easily replaceable!


MultiBall enables you to enjoy sports by making it fun, intuitive and without the need for any explanation or supervision. Simply touch the wall to reach the menu and pick your favorite game or training module. The first ball on the wall starts the application. A fun interactive game to allow you to take a break from jumping and flipping!

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