Unboxing and Setting Up Your AirTrack | AirTrack Blog

Unboxing and Setting Up Your AirTrack | AirTrack Blog

How to unbox and set up your new AirTrack 

Congrats on your new AirTrack mat, now it’s time to unbox and set it up! To start you will need to open your box, if you are using a sharp object be careful not to cut deep or hard, because you can create a hole in your brand new mat. 

Your AirTrack will come with; a user manual, an AirTrack prepare kit, and an air pump (manual or electric depending on size), and your AirTrack. Your manual air pump will have a pressure gauge for your ease in finding the right pressure for you and your mat.  

When you unroll your mat you will see a spring loaded valve on the side, it pushes in and out. The “out” position holds the air inside the mat and the “in” position lets air out for easy deflation. For inflating, make sure the valve is in the out position and then grab your air pump. You will screw in the grey tipped nozzle and either pump with your foot or turn on the blower. The pump has two sides, one for blowing air in and one for blowing air out, you just have to place the nozzle on the side you need. For easy deflation, push the button in and either let air out or switch sides on the blower.

There are two sides to your AirTrack, both can be tumbled on, but one has an inch center line. There are also rubber handles to easily carry your mat to and from where you go. Another cool thing about these mats is that they have velcro attachments on either side of the short end to connect multiple mats. 

Now you know how to use your brand new AirTrack, have fun and if you have any questions we can be reached aqt (408) 569-9504. 

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