Using AirSpots for Fitness, Strength, and Condition in a Traditional Gym Setting | AirTrack Blog

Using AirSpots for Fitness, Strength, and Condition in a Traditional Gym Setting | AirTrack Blog

Using the AirSpot for Fitness

Guest blogger Dan Palacios
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It isn’t often that great ideas are so easily implemented, coming together with the kind of synergy only seen in matters of fate. That’s exactly what happened when I stumbled upon the AirTrack Factory AirSpots.

Mulling and musing over the ideas of gym layouts I always thought to include gymnastic spring floor. A spring floor in a traditional style gym? Kinetic Training hardly does anything the traditional way. You’re right though… spring floors are incredibly costly, financially and spatially. Not to mention their foamy surface could pose a problem with ankle injuries. Certainly there were pros and cons to this idea.

Watch The Kinetic Training AirSpot Demo Here!

Then I saw it. The AirTrack Tumbling track. Their Instagram @AirTrackFactory is rife with expert gymnasts flying around with impressive and apparent ease completing tricks that would make an pro gymnast blush. I knew I had to have them. Upon further inspection of their website I quickly came to realize that these guys were real trailblazers in the industry. They not only offered the AirTrack Tumble tracks but a wide variety of designs, everything a gym owner could need for a full size gymnastics facility. Still, I needed a low profile piece that could easily fit in my truck for on-site training sessions or sessions in the gym. The AirSpots solved all of my problems

The AirSpot

These nifty circular, portable spring floors are easily collapsible. They come in small, medium, and large sizes, only take about 3 minutes to pump up and can take just as much of a beating as their bigger, older brothers. The medium and large sizes also offer plenty of room to do various types of traditional, sport specific, corrective, and rehabilitative exercises. These AirSpots quickly became a fan favorite for me personally and my clients. The adjustable inflation means, that extra stability, or instability can be added to quickly progress exercises through a range of exercises to correct ankle and hip stability issues. The added cushion is a fantastic way to increase the power, speed, and explosiveness output while reducing the impact on the joints. The AirTrack Sport surface provides all of the added spring of a trampoline or spring floor without the increased risk of ankle or knee injuries. This thing is really a win, win overall!

Visit: to check out the wide variety of AirTracks available for gym or home use! Use the DISCOUNT CODE: Kinetic10!



About Dan Palacios

A former Division 1 & 2 collegiate football athlete, I’ve had a passion for athletic pursuits since the age of 5. As an Athletic Performance and Development Specialist, I assist my clients in their efforts to achieve a varying range of goals. I believe in living by the motto “Live Kinetically”, finding it essential to consistently improve in every way possible, move forward, and guide others on their journey to do the same.
B.S. Exercise Sciences and Kinesiology Florida Atlantic University
NASM-Corrective Exercise Specialist
Reflexive Performance Reset- Level 1 Certification
1 on 1 Personal Performance Training
Group Performance Training on site
Corrective and rehabilitative training
Sport Specific Performance Training
Mobility, flexibility and recovery modalities (massage, cupping, stretching etc.)

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