The Best Gymnastics Mats for Home Practice | AirTrack Blog

The Best Gymnastics Mats for Home Practice | AirTrack Blog

The Best Gymnastics Mats for Home Practice

gymnastic mats for home

Many parents question if it’s safe for their kids to practice gymnastics at home. The truth being that it can be, safe, if practiced with the correct equipment like gymnastic mats for home, supervision, and attention to technique. Some key foundational pieces of equipment that are worth investing in are good quality gymnastic tumbling mats for the home.

Inflatable mats are smaller, more affordable, and portable than their full-sized counterparts. They also offer the level of quality found in professional gymnastics, parkour, and martial arts studios. In particular, the mats offered by AirtrackUS are ideal for practicing gymnastic moves.  For example; kick walks, forward rolls, bridges, and split leaps. Using a top-of-the-line mat at home to perform these exercises can help reduce the chance of injury and minimize repetitive strain. The key is to do your homework and find the best airmat for your needs.

Go Inflatable

The best gymnastics mats for home are inflatable, rather than made of foam. Inflatable mats provide an advantage for several reasons. They are softer on the body than foam, providing a more supportive landing surface. This helps minimize impacts on the wrists, ankle, and knee joints, which is crucial to gymnasts of all ages, considering some of the most common gymnastic injuries are sprains in these delicate areas. Another advantage of choosing an inflatable floor mat is the ability to easily store and transport the mat. When deflated, a well-designed airmat is small enough to fit in your car! These airmats inflate within minutes using an affordable and readily available electric pump. Consequently, they are easily brought along on road trips, stored during the off-season, or easily transported indoors or outdoors depending upon the weather. Since they are sealed, they do not require constant air to be blown in, making them silent and non-disruptive to the rest of your home. Finally, because airmats are inflated, they can be customized to the firmness required by your athlete. If you need further convincing, see how some of the best gymnastic, parkour, and martial arts athletes are using products like this. Take advantage of the fact these reliable and high-end products are now available at home.



indoor gymnastics tumbling mats

Invest in Quality

Any parent will agree that the costs of gymnastics classes, memberships, and sportswear add up fast. However, when it comes to equipment, it’s wise to avoid the lower-end choices. Only the best gymnastics mats should be chosen. Especially regarding tumbling mats for the home. To ensure the life of your airmat, select a brand that uses durable, washable, material with reinforced stitching. This will help you avoid spending twice to replace ripped, dirty, or worn-out equipment. AirtrackUS utilizes extremely high, self-imposed quality standards, to ensure the virtue of their products. They put each mat through a 16-hour pressure test, and mark each unit with a code to track it’s manufacturing history and test results. Airtrack US, also offers a 2-year guarantee, and have over 30 years of experience in the industry. There aren’t many other companies around that can offer the same level of quality.


Take Advantage of the Variety of Sizes Available

Your gymnast’s equipment needs depend on their current skill level, the specific types of moves they are working on, and what they want to hone in on during home sessions. Of course, the space you have available in your home is also a factor determining what’s possible. Luckily, AirtrackUS offers a range of products including airbeams, airmats, and training sets that can be set up in a variety of different spaces, both indoors and out. Make sure to pay attention to other factors like your ceiling height, walls, unlevel flooring, and anything else that could be a safety hazard. It’s a good idea to whip out your measuring tape and call the customer service team to help figure out the ideal product for your needs.


Talk to Knowledgeable Staff

Great customer service can go a long way when it comes to making recommendations on different product options, offering payment plans, and answering commonly-asked questions that come up when purshings at home airmats for the first time. When investing in gymnastics tumbling mats for your home, it’s wise to speak to a friendly team that’s knowledgeable about their products. They will ask you the right questions to ensure you are buying what you actually need.


Take Part in the Community

The increase in popularity of gymnastics, parkour, and martial arts in the United States is causing an increase in the demand for high quality airmats that can be used at home, or in a communal space. If you’re interested in investing, check out what other teams are doing with the latest generation of airmats. Buy from a company that’s been around long enough to truly understand the needs of both beginner and professional gymnasts.


While structured classes in a gym environment are essential to developing the skills and strengths gymnasts need, an at-home practice is also key for developing the confidence and strength. Invest in a high quality inflatable airmat to give your family a safe place to practice year round. Keep in mind that these mats can also be taken on the road for practice during vacations and tournaments. And, have fun outside! Gymnastics tumbling mats for home help you make the most of the great indoors. Don’t skimp on quality, and make sure to find a company that offers great customer service to help you find the best equipment for your space.

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